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1 on 1 Private Training
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Get personal training in a private home gym studio in St Thomas. Learn proper technique and get the results you need in a motivational and judgment-free setting. Each session runs from 45-60 minutes in length structured towards your goals. We make the most of each minute and continue to increase intensity and difficulty each week at a safe pace, to achieve the best possible results.

Not everyone fits the strict, exact meal plan philosophy. I believe each transformation begins with the right mindset. Your lifestyle and body transformation begins with small yet easily manageable changes that you can continue to follow throughout your life. I'll guide you with essential nutritional advice and how to structure your meals around exercise and your regular day-to-day schedule, to ultimately reach your goals. 50% of the results come from the kitchen, so we'll make sure you're making the right choices.

Drop-ins, 12, 25 or 48 session packs are available. Rates are lower for larger packs.

Custom Meal Plan

If you're ready to step up and follow a structured meal plan to reach your goals, then I will create a specific plan to meet your life schedule and fitness goals. This will take dedication and commitment but will ultimately help you reach your goals quicker.

Online Coaching

While I prefer one-on-one interaction to ensure proper form and intensity is met, I am also available for online coaching with regards to custom exercise and nutritional plans. Month to month commitment with email communication. I'll work with your life schedule and help you reach your cutting, bulking or such specific goals you may have.

16-24 Week Contest Prep

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