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Private Home Gym Training

George Cermak - Classic Bodybuilding

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Avoid the gym crowds

In my professional home studio in St Thomas Ontario, you'll receive the 1-on-1 attention you deserve to get the most out of each and every workout. A private, motivating and positive experience through each repetition with expertise guidance, to guarantee you will reach your goals without the distractions of public, noisy gyms.

Why choose me?

I have lived the health and fitness lifestyle for nearly three decades and have coached clients in person and online for over 12 years. It is truly my passion to guide those whom are serious about making a positive change in their fitness & lifestyle. It about changing your mindset and together we will make the transformation you are seeking through balance & dedication. I offer a custom 1-on-1 training schedule along with a specific nutritional guide to keep you on track, or a complete customized nutritional / supplementation plan to get the exact results you're looking for.

I strongly believe that the best results are achieved with one-on-one training with the exercises. I love to push you through the session, with each rep and set to get every bit out of the workout to maximize and fully experience the results you want. Many of us lose motivation to get to the gym and truly put the real effort in to the workouts, but under my guidance, you will have someone there beside you to encourage and push you through on a consistent basis.

All body-types, levels and goals

I am always excited to guide beginners through advanced athletes from weight loss, fitness or strength goals. Whether you've never lifted a weight or an elite lifter, we'll take you to that next level with realistic goals, accountability and success.

Private fitness studio

Each personalized training session will be from 45-60 minutes each under full supervision in our personal home gym studio. I will teach you proper form and technique with each exercise. I will asses your current fitness level and gradually increase intensity with each session. With the proper goal setting, we will adjust each workout from week to week to ensure progress to reach your goals. Endless training methods and techniques will be applied to keep workouts effective and evolving. Commitment and dedication is required, but I am here every step of the way, it's my passion to see you succeed.

Conveniently located in the city of St Thomas, I also welcome nearby clients from Aylmer, Port Stanley and London, Ontario.

I will work with your busy lifestyle and schedule to fit in your sessions. All you have to do is show up.

ONLINE coaching with weekly check-in's is also available.

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